Have Yourself a Very Tiffany Christmas


“Beautiful design makes a beautiful life” or so said Mr Tiffany of the eponymous Tiffany & Co. It makes for a beautiful Christmas too when you choose Tiffany & Co glasses at Karen Castle Opticians! Tiffany & Co epitomise elegance and style and that’s just what you’ll get with their eyewear range. So, how did it all begin? And what can you look forward to when you don your Tiffany glasses frames?  

Tiffany origins 

New York, 1837. A city bustling with people trying to make a name for themselves, including one man named Charles L Tiffany who launched a store selling everything from glassware and cutlery to clocks and jewellery. Tiffany saw where his future lay and in 1870 built a new store in Manhattan focusing on jewellery alone. His eye-catching range of exquisite jewellery saw his store earn the name Palace of Jewels and so his name was indeed made. Tiffany & Co’s reputation for glamour and timeless beauty persists to this very day.  

In 2008, Tiffany & Co launched its first eyewear range. Needless to say, their flair for design caught on in the eyewear world and today Tiffany & Co glasses are famed for their luxurious finishes, making them the ideal treat for yourself or for a loved one or friend who you think deserves to add that extra sparkle to their life.  


Tiffany styles 

Tiffany glasses are more like jewellery to frame your eyes than eyewear, owing to indulgent touches such as embedded precious jewels and delicate detailing along the temples, including signature heart and key motifs. This is in addition to the use of the highest quality acetate and precious metals in forming the body of their frames. Many of their frames also feature the unmistakable Tiffany blue along the inner surface. From every angle, Tiffany frames exude elegance and finesse.  

To indulge in a Tiffany treat this Christmas, visit Karen Castle Opticians, your opticians in Hockley & Thundersley, Essex, to view this elegant eyewear range.