Ronit Furst frames — have you got yours?


If you’ve watched Bake Off, you’ll have seen Prue Leith’s beautiful, colourful glasses. Many of her choices are from a range of eyewear from the ever so hip and cool Ronit Furst. This collection of more than 70 frames champions funky hues, pop accents and standout looks, and we’re proud to carry this range at Karen Castle Opticians.


The personal touch


Production of Ronit Furst glasses officially began in 2001. However, the story started long before this when a young Ronit herself was looking for eyewear that matched her vision and unique sense of style. Not being able to find what she was looking for, she started painting some of her old frames. The positive feedback from friends, family and even strangers when she stepped out with her new look clearly indicated that Ronit’s design aesthetic would have wide appeal. This led to the creation of the Ronit Furst glasses range that we stock here at Karen Castle Opticians, one of the best opticians in Essex.


Why hand-painted?



Sometimes, it isn’t clear what the benefits are when it comes to craftsmanship. It sounds good, but does it really make any difference? When you get hand-painted frames from Ronit Furst, you’ll understand straight away. You can see the brush strokes which give these frames a textured look, just like a canvas painting. The detail is stunning and replete with small embellishments which offer an individual look from every angle. This is topped with a matt or gloss coating to seal and protect the look.


Expand your options


You wouldn’t want to open your wardrobe and find yourself with one outfit to wear all year round so why restrict your choices when it comes to your eyewear? You can choose different Ronit Furst eyewear to suit every occasion. Move from daywear to an evening look or match your frames to your favourite accessories. You can choose sunglasses, a half-rim style or full frames along with a wide range of colours and shapes.


Make your appointment with Karen Castle Opticians, your dedicated opticians in Essex, located in both Hockley and Thundersley, to chat to one of our experienced experts and choose your unique Ronit Furst frames to match your look and personality.