The OCT: A Vision Saving Eye Scan

Keeping in good health takes effort and while most of the responsibility is on your shoulders, sometimes you need the professionals to step in. Dental check-ups, GP visits and eye tests all play their part. But did you know that when it comes to your eye health, an advanced eye test is the best way to cover all your bases?

Even if you have seemingly perfect vision right now, you could still be harbouring the early signs of eye disease, which down the road could impair your vision. So, how can you get the full story when it comes to your eye health? With an OCT scan.

An OCT eye scan isn’t something every high street optician offers. But at Karen Castle Opticians in Essex, we’re dedicated to clinical excellence and have invested in technology that will help our patients enjoy better vision for longer and are proud to offer advanced eye tests with a 3D OCT scan.

What can our 3D OCT scan tell you about your eye health?

A standard eye test can tell you a lot about your vision, as well as certain eye diseases, but a 3D OCT scan goes much further, owing to the detail it reveals. This allows us to catch a disease in its earlier stages and pick up on a wider range of eye problems, including:

●     age-related macular degeneration (both the wet and dry forms)

●     diabetes (which is known to affect the blood vessels in the eyes)

●     glaucoma

●     macular holes

●     vitreous detachments

How does it work?

Getting a 3D OCT scan is not a painful or invasive procedure.

For some patients, usually those over the age of 60, we may need to put some eye drops in to dilate your pupils. This helps us get a better view of the back of your eye (your retina).

You’ll sit in front of the OCT scanner and rest your head against a support. The scanner will scan your eye using light waves. The entire process only takes 5-10 minutes and the results are instant.

Using computer software, we create a 3D model of your retina from the scan results. We can then look at the details of your retina, layer by layer, which helps us diagnose eye conditions and hone in on exactly where the problem is.

Every time you come in for an advanced eye test, we’ll take a 3D OCT scan and add it to your records so we can closely monitor any changes in your eye health.

Getting your OCT scan

Good eye health is in the details and with an OCT eye scan, we’ll capture every detail in a matter of minutes. So book your advanced eye test, complete with an OCT eye scan, at Karen Castle Opticians in Thundersley or Hockley today.